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The IfA, NAI, Friends of the IfA, IRTF and Kamehameha Schools present
The 15th Annual
UH Institute for Astronomy Open House

Sunday, April 14th, 11AM-4PM

at the UH Institute for Astronomy Manoa Headquarters
2680 Woodlawn Dr.

Free admission, Free parking!
For up-to-date information and a full list of activities, visit

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How do you observe the night sky when it is daytime? You use a telescope on the other side of the world. “Remote observing” on a telescope in Africa (weather in Africa permitting) will be one of many family and kid-friendly activities at our annual Open House. There will be short talks on hot astronomical topics such as comets visible in Hawaii skies this year, strategies for long-term human survival, solar eclipses, and how Mauna Kea became the world’s foremost observatory.
New this year are the opportunity to build and control a Lego robot; a display about ATLAS, the system being built at IfA to warn us about incoming space rocks; help from IfA experts in astrophotography so that you can take amazing photographs of the nighttime sky; a scale model of the solar system on the IfA lawn; a hologram of the Thirty Meter Telescope proposed to be built on Mauna Kea. Old favorites will be here too, including comet and sundial making, melting pennies and popping popcorn with sunlight, bottle rockets, and the Bishop Museum’s Magic Planet, and many, many more!

For up-to-date information, visit

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